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Send Direct Messages on Twitter, Even to Your Non-follower

Written on July 05, 2011 by Lulu

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Twitter enables it users who had a verified account to send direct message even without following the receiver of the message.

Communication between and people who have a account will be much more convenient, as enables verified accounts to send even if they are not followers of a certain account.

Based on a report from The Next Web, Twitter is easing up the process to send messages to an account rather than the usual way of sending messages, which requires users to follow the certain account before they could send a direct message. This will be a significant change for Twitter users who communicate with brand reps for assistance or getting several information.

Twitter still hasn’t announced whether this option will be now available across the board, but it appears to have gone into affect for , an Indian mobile operator. The company tweeted,”Now to DM us all you need to do is follow @tatadocomo. No need for us to follow you first. Tested and its working.”

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