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Silent Hill: Downpour Expectations

Written on July 14, 2011 by Lulu

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As the the fans of the Silent Hill game franchise gets hyped for the upcoming \Silent Hill: Downpour, a lot of expectations for the game emerged.

The upcoming new installment of the successful horror franchise of , entitled : , by and will be arriving soon for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, because it’s an installment of a popular game franchise, too many from the fans emerged. Several fans of the Silent Hill franchise hopes that the upcoming game will bring back the old formula of the original game, which gave them genuine scare and chills down their spines.

Fans also expect to see a cast full of disturbing characters. Developers of the said game might include some intriguing support cast that may range from a seductive sexy woman to a psychotic murderous person. This feature might add extra excitement for the gamers and issues that will help the main protagonist to have more motivations and drive to survive. The game’s story is also expected to have a more psychological twist than its previous installment. It must have a storyline and plots that would really scare the gamers like in the movies of The Sixth Sense and Memento.

It is also a better move for the game developers to create a better game controls. Silent Hill fans want a fluid and more comfortable control of the game so they could enjoy it better. However, there are still no announcement of the release date of Silent Hill: Downpour. So the fans could only wait to see and get the game. As for the developers, they still have time to meet the expectations of the fans.

If these expectations are met, it will be a great game that will be enjoyed by thousand of fans of the said franchise. It may also be the best installment of the franchise.


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