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Solve Problems, Win Contests, and Make Money with Google’s

Written on July 05, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Google, along with, runs a new social contest website wherein people can solve problems for money. Give way to

Last year, acquired the Slide — the company behind some of ’s applications and most photo sharing software. Now, the two large groups have quietly created a new website that aims to solve people’s money problems: The . is a social contest website wherein users can create contests for problems that need solutions. They can post some questions or tasks, and the person who can give the best answer will win a cash price. Users may ask any queries, such as: What would be the best speech to deliver, how to write a compelling resume, or even advises or tips on how to start a business. Each post has their own time limit, in which users should pick the best answer before the time runs out. The visitor who will get the most number of votes will win the said price. Take note that interested participants must use their Facebook or sign-in details in order to access

The website’s look does not actually feature Google’s branding, so people might have a hard time figuring out the creator of the site. However, by taking a glimpse at the Privacy Policy, you will see the email address — which proves that it is a Google venture.

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