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Sony PlayStation 4: Coming with Motion Controls on 2012?

Written on July 07, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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The rumored PlayStation 4 from Sony will come with motion controls on 2012. Really?

reported today that ’s manufacturing partners will start working on its next-generation game console later this year. Though further details are still unavailable, it is said that the rumored will feature like Microsoft’s Kinect.

In addition to this, and Technology – which were previously charged to manufacture PlayStation 3 – is said to make the upcoming . With regards to the number of units to be released, DigiTimes cited that Sony will unleash at least 20 million units by next year. As for Sony PlayStation 4’s date, it is said that the company will not the console earlier than 2013. But with Nintendo Wii U and Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox set for a 2012 release, Sony is in best interest to speed up PS4’s process to remain in the competition.

Other than these, no further information is currently available. But All We Like promises to keep you posted, so just stick it here for more PlayStation 4 updates.

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