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Sony PS3 Disables HD Signals Coming from Component Cables

Written on July 13, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Sony restrained the use of component cables when connecting PS3 systems into HD televisions.

Connecting your to your high-definition television can be done using three simple ways: You can either utilize , , or an HDMI cable. However, a recent memo sent to and announced that ’s systems will no longer use any component cables. Instead, an HDMI cable must be used in order to display high-def images.

“This means you will want to offer an HDMI cable with every new ‘K’ model PS3,” the memo stated. are sold separately and can be bought from any retail stores. Since Sony has disabled the use of such component cables, people who are planning to connect their new PS3 with an HD display are required to purchase .¬†Take note that these changes won’t affect existing systems, only those that are bought recently.

If you are wondering why Sony make this move, an explanation was already provided by the company. According to them, most Sony Bravia televisions require an HDMI connection in order to show high-definition videos and images in the full 1080 pixel resolution. The use of HDMI cables would also help Sony to keep a protected connection to your television with the use of a DRM called High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).¬†Aside from that, Sony can now prevent any acts of recording or duplication since they already have good control over the images’ usage.

This move will give Sony more control over how the image is used, while limiting the possibilities for recording or duplication. Also, retailers can now make a few bucks selling HDMI cables alongside the system.

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