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Sony Won’t Repeat PSP Mistakes on Vita

Written on July 08, 2011 by Lulu

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Sony pledged that they will not repeat the mistakes they've done with PSP on PlayStation Vita.

promised that they will not repeat the same mistakes of the PLayStation Portable with their new console, PlayStation Vita.

Sony’s Worlwide Studios, , said that they started on what they didn’t do right with the when they began developing the PLayStation Vita. also added that they didn’t do enough job creating the proper interface to really play games with 3D graphics for the PSP. Another problem with the PSP that he indicates was the lack of right analog stick, and the visuals were rendered outdated by several high-definition home consoles soon after the release of the PSP.

That’s the reason why PlayStation Vita touch-screen controls, a rear touch pad and motion sensors, as well as enhanced graphics and dual analog nubs to right the wrongs of the PSP.¬†However, there still no announcement for the release date of the said console or even its price. Announcements are expected at German show Gamescom next month.

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