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TagSense Tags Your Photos with Emotions and Weather Conditions

Written on July 04, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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With TagSense, you won't just know who's in the picture. You can also see the weather, activities and emotion of your subject.

Students from and created a new , called , which can tag your photos with a wide range of attributes. More than the people in the picture, can also tag the emotions, weather and type of activities involved.

A phone’s built-in accelerometer could tell whether the person is standing, dancing, or engaged in other activities. Meanwhile, light sensors is used to tell whether it is an indoor or outdoor picture. The weather, on the other hand, can be checked with the phone’s location. And a smartphone’s microphone could tell whether the subject is laughing or not. All these attributes are assigned to each picture, and can be searched based on categories.

Students of Duke University and University of South Carolina tested the TagSense using eight Google Nexus One. After snapping over 200 photos, they found out that the smartphone app is more sophisticated than Google’s Picasa and Apple’s iPhoto.

TagSense was unveiled at the Ninth ’s International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Designs () at Washington, DC.

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