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Tips: How to Create a Secured Password for Your Accounts

Written on July 27, 2011 by Lulu

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AllWeLike listed several tips to create a strong password that will protect your valuable accounts from unauthorized access from hackers and even malware.

Passwords are the first line of defense of an Internet account against unauthorized access. Which means that if your is stronger, then it is more protected from and even malicious .

That’s the reason why AllWeLike listed several on how to create a strong password that will serve as a protection for your valuable .

Follow the following steps to have a more secured password.

1. Don’t use personal information like names, birthday or even telephone numbers on your password. These things are very easy to guess by anyone.

2. Replace letters or words by numbers or symbols in a way that you can easily remember it. Like changing the spelling of like into l1k3.

3. Do not use words that came from dictionary even if its published in different language.

4. Change your password frequently. Set a date when you would suppose to change your password. This will help to prevent determine hackers to accessing your account.

5. Do not use the same password in different accounts. It will be very dangerous once an individual finds your password. All of your account will be in great danger. So better to use different password for each of your accounts.

6. Use to create a password rather than remembering a password created by using various character types. You could use a line from your favorite song,poem or novel and use the first letter from each word in that said line or sentence.


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