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Tips on How To Ask A Salary Raise

Written on July 15, 2011 by Lulu

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Learn how to ask for a pay raise by reading below.

Did you experienced the feeling that you deserve a much higher than you currently have? Planning to stay on your current work and your employer so you need to ask a raise, but you don’t know say it to your boss?

AllWeLike listed several that might be a great help for an employee like you to plan on how to ask your employer to raise your salary.

1. Research about the salaries of other workers working with the same field as yours.

2. Figure out how much you could earn. You must determine how much salary do you want and what you deserve. To calculate this, consider the number of years that you spent working in the field, and the length of time you had worked for your current employer.

3. Think about the position you held in your company. Are you a college-hire, a seasoned veteran, a part-time employee? It’s a fact that employees must climb the work status ladder to get anywhere. Position is everything in every job field.

4. Think about your working experience in that certain field. Be knowledgeable on your working field to have a greater chances to get your desired salary raised. If you are an expert on your field, then you are a valuable commodity and your boss knows it, they’ll do whatever they can to keep you.

5. Show to your employer that you want and deserves a raise. Display a great motivation to excels on your field so your employer could see your efforts, have a lot of overtime and contribute a lot to your company. Show that you are a great asset for them.

6. Create and submit a case. Compile a list of projects, your assets, your contributions that you made for the sake of the company you are working for. This will greatly help you to convince your employer to give you a raise.


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