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Tips on How to Choose an Antivirus Program

Written on July 17, 2011 by Lulu

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Want to protect your computer malware, but you do not know which antivirus to get? Then this article guide is for you.

Several computer users don’t realize that the Internet can be a very dangerous place. That is because some of them don’t install a good that will protect their machines and data from and viruses which can be obtained through web. Other users don’t know select a better .

In this , All We Like will be listing helpful for choosing the best antivirus for your computer.

1. Know the effectiveness of a certain antivirus program. It is very important to check which product could cope with the latest computer threats and viruses. You should always purchase an antivirus program that can deal with , worm and trojan.

2. The program must be user friendly. You should choose an antivirus program that is easy to use and haa simple menus and settings. Look for products that have an easy to follow manual and guides.

3. The program must have a daily update. Everyday, a new kind of virus or malware emerges. Check if the product offers a regular virus definition update.

4. It must have a real time scanning. Find a program that provides real time scanning, as it detects malicious software which can penetrate your computer system.

5. Some antivirus program consume too much of your system resources. Look for products that will not consume a large part of your resources.

6. Find out if a certain product provide live chat, 24 hours customer service. So if a problem occurs, you can get assistance on how to solve your problem with their product.

7. Use free trials before making purchases. Several antivirus programs offers trial version that could last up to 30 days. Make use of this advantage so you could decide if what antivirus program suites you best.

All We Like hopes that the above tips will help you decide what is the best antivirus program for your computer. Remember that spending money for an antivirus program is better than spending bigger price for repairing your computer.


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