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Tips to Secure Your Accounts from Hackers

Written on July 07, 2011 by Lulu

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All We Like listed several helpful tips to secure your e-mail accounts and information from hackers.

After the widespread hacking attacks on high profile companies and government agencies, people are now aware that their private account information on the Internet are not totally safe.  , website, and PayPal UK’s Twitter accounts are some of the high profile accounts which were hacked. These incidents indicate the danger of low profile accounts being hacked too.

That’s why AllWeLike listed several tips to secure your accounts on different websites and the like.

Use a Strong on your accounts
Your password must consist of alphanumerical characters, and be in uppercase and lowercase in the same time. These tips will strengthen your password and it may take years before a finds out your whole code.

Change your Password as often as you can
Regularly changing your password is a good habit. This helps avoid and confuse determined hackers.

Watch what you click on every websites that you visit
Always check the URL in your browser. Make sure that you are still in a safe website to avoid getting phished.

Don’t Use Public WiFi
Casual surfing and browsing the net without logging to your e-mail while using a public WiFi is fine. But accessing your e-mail and transacting online through your credit card is dangerous. There might be a hacker who also uses the same WiFi connection, and might sniff out some of your valuable information.

When Using Public Computers
* Don’t click Remember My Password option
* Clear the browsers cookies, cache and session before leaving.
* Logout your account.


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