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Twitter to Control “Possibly Sensitive” Tweet Links

Written on July 29, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Twitter will be adding a new streaming API that would let users flag their contents as possibly sensitive.

Late Thursday, social site – – added a new feature to its system, allowing users to identify whether a tweet link is “possibly sensitive” or not. The company announced that with their just-out streaming field, which is capable of flagging warnings, could avoid clicking any discerning contents that are not appropriate for their age or workplace.

Although the company disclosed that they’ve just added it for testing purposes, the said feature is not yet working. As announced by Twitter representative, :

“Beginning today you may notice a new boolean field in API responses & streams containing tweets: “possibly_sensitive”. This new field will only surface when a tweet contains a link. The meaning of the field doesn’t pertain to the tweet content itself, but instead it is an indicator that the URL contained in the tweet may contain content or media identified as sensitive content.”

Taylor Singletary also stated that those people who wanted to learn how this new feature works must at least read the media policy document.

A source close to the issue once stated that Twitter has no intentions of marking such materials as censored. Instead, they just want to “remove media that might be considered sensitive such as nudity, violence, or medical procedures.”

Perhaps this new Twitter feature is a good way of controlling the contents produced in the social site. By this, parents would never have to worry every time their children use Twitter, since they would be prevented from clicking inappropriate links.

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