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Viral Videos of the Week: July 10 – July 15, 2011

Written on July 16, 2011 by Lulu

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All We Like listed several cool videos which spread in the Internet from July 10 to July 15 like fire.

Everyday, a new set of viral and cool videos are spreading through the Internet via social media sites. Videos that has been watched several times in different part of the world.

So this week, All We Like listed a couple of the that spread like fire from July 10 – July 15. Hit the break to see this week’s hilarious videos. And don’t forget to keep the flame burning by sharing them with your pals.

A video of a football game where The Earthquake’s goalkeeper, , scores a full field goal from his own box. The said shot makes the whole crowd – and even his teammates – go crazy.

This video features a duckling feeding some Koi fish on a local pond. It’s like the duckling wants to us that we need to be kind to each other.

A video recorded using an iPhone 4 put inside an acoustic guitar. The iPhone’s camera captured the guitar oscillations. A very amazing and mesmerizing scene, as the guitar strings vibrate and display wavy effects.

A video caught in a security camera that features the assault of Isayah Muller, a football star, and his dad to two parking attendants which resulted to the player’s death.

This video features , a 27 year old silverback gorilla, filming himself as his keeper gave him a box coated with honey and oats that have a high definition camera inside. The gorilla investigated the box with delicate touch and ate all edible items inside. The gorilla threw back the box to the keeper afterwards.


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