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Viral Videos of the Week: July 24 – July 29

Written on July 31, 2011 by Lulu

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More videos added to All We Like's list of cool viral videos. Enjoy and spread it to all of your friends to make them smile!

All We Like, once again, gathered several cool videos to add on its weekly list of . This week’s list consists of a video spoof of “The Man Without a Face”, a Thailand’s tv commercial that touches everyone’s heart, a video of a young Diamondbacks’ fan that gave the ball tossed to him by a player to another kid, a dog singing with his owner, and another dog that fakes her own death while playing with her playmate.

A video spoof of “The Man Without a Face” entitled “The Man Without a Facebook”. This story features a man who doesn’t created a Facebook account for himself, and only hangs up with people around him in real life.

A very emotional Commercial that features a deaf and numb man with her daughter, as they face a life threatening situation. Watch as it shows the love of a father toward to his child.

A video featuring a young Diamondbacks’ fan, , who kindly gave the ball he got from one of his idols. Because of his kindness, was given a reward from the game’s announcer, a bat signed by one of his favorite player.

A video of Rio, a dog that sings when his owner plays his jazzy tunes through a saxophone, making them a great performing duo.

Training a dog to play dead when his owner commanded him is a common trick nowadays. But this dog fakes its own death all by itself while playing with another dog.


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