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Viral Videos of the Week: July 4 – July 8, 2011

Written on July 09, 2011 by Lulu

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More viral videos made its way on All We Like's list. Spread the happy virus!

AllWeLike once again listed some of the coolest videos that you can find on , and viewed several times in different location around the world. See how a cute little kitten was saved by a firemen, how a cup can be a musical instrument, L’Oreal’s ad campaign with Dr. , a bird flees from a Tiger’s attack and how a dog saved his sister free.

A video of a cute little kitten being rescued by firemen from getting stuck in a pipe. Firemen used a leaf blower to blow the kitten from the opposite side of the pipe.

Watch the above video and be amazed with the wonderful voice of a girl that uses a plastic cup as her instrument as she sings ” You’re Gonna Miss Me” by Lulu and the Lampshade.

A TV ad for L’Oreal Paris Men Expert which features of the show, House. L’Oreal said that they are looking for the perfect example of a modern man and they had seen all of the qualities of it on Lawrie.

A must see video that features a tiger roaring inside his cage at a zoo until a bird attacks him from the behind and flew away to avoid being eaten by the tiger.

A video of a dog releasing her sister that was locked in a cage. The dog worked on the lock, and in just a short time, managed to unlock her sister’s cageto be freed.

A cute video of a dog and cat cuddling and licking each other with a romantic background music that sets the mood.

Watch the video and laugh as John van der Put, also known as , performs his great magic and display his great humours on the Penn and Teller Fool Us Show.

As the last part of series comes, a video about the four houses in the magical school of Hogwarts spreads. This video talks about the Hufflepuff and the characteristics of students there.


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