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Asura’s Wrath, Taking Players in an Emotional Roller Coaster

Written on August 16, 2011 by Lulu

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CyberConnect2 CEO, Hiroshi Matsuyama said in an interview that their newest Asura's Wrath will take players in an emotional roller coaster.

Unlike most of the which see a hero develop into a whirlwind of death, CyberConnect and ’s ’s Wrath has a non-linear path of progression. , the game’s main protagonist, is an enraged deity which shift from two arms, a powered-up state six-arms and even no arms throughout the story.

CEO of , , stated in an interview that the game’s progression will be having an emotional ups and down. Asura fights based on his anger, so it will be an emotional roller coaster. also said: “We didn’t want to make a game where you were weak in the beginning and strong at the end. Depending how angry Asura is will affect the situation.”

In the demo, Asura will have more arms as his anger increased. At the end of the battle, Asura will have six arms and will defeat a boss who’s bigger than planet Wyzen. The said fight had specific section where players can channel Asura’s rage, triggering quick time events. Hiroshi Matsuyama said: “You need those ups and downs. When you hit rock bottom from there, Asura can explode with anger. So, we wanted those extremes in Asura’s Wrath.”

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