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ASUS X101 Aims Linux Tablet Alternative

Written on August 05, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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ASUS's Eee PC X101 will serve as a Linux tablet alternative despite bearing netbook hallmarks.

According to ’ blog post, its will serve as an alternative to small laptops despite bearing the hallmark of a netbook. First, at 0.69 inches thin and two pounds in weight, it will be thinner and lighter than a traditional netbook. Second, it runs instead of . While the latter has been the predominant OS for netbooks over the past few years, Linux is more suited to ultrasmall designs which typically doesn’t have the horsepower to run the Microsoft OS efficiently.

As explained by , ASUS’ Eee PC Product Manager in a blog:

“Since MeeGo is open source we are free to tweak it so we have added a consolidated MyZone social networking hub and directly injected our Cloud services such as @Vibe and Cloud storage.”

Third, the ASUS Eee PC X101 does not have Ethernet ports and VGA. Brian Tang further explains:

“Despite being shaped like a regular Netbook, the target market is more towards tablets. With this in mind we’ve taken the step to remove the VGA and Ethernet ports in order to fit the X101 into its new ultra-slim profile.”

Other ASUS X101 include:

– 10.1-inch LED display
– Intel Atom N435 or N455 processor
– 1GB of memory
– 8GB solid-state drive
– Bluetooth, camera
– Two USB 2.0 ports
– Four-hour battery life (3-cell standard)

While the wasn’t disclosed yet, it is safe to say that the Linux tablet alternative will arrive soon since the blog was posted “in preparation for the X101 launch.” ASUS will also offer the , a model with Windows 7 as a starter, with more storage, with Ethernet ports and VGA. However, it will not be sleek, and will most likely address a market that is on its last leg — at least in the US.

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