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Captain America: The First Avenger’s Movie Review

Written on August 09, 2011 by Lulu

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All We Like talks about the The First Avenger, as Captain America recently hits the big screen.

Not quite fun as Thor, and not as bad as Green Lantern. : feels less like an exciting comic book hero movie than a required reading to fully understand the upcoming movie — which will be arriving in theaters next summer.

The recently released film started and ended with a scene set in the present time. One in an icy sea and the other in New York. However, the whole movie took place during the World War II era, where Nazi invades a lot of country. The movie tells the story of how the famous superhero, Captain America, originated.

Based from the famous Marvel comics, directed by , and starred by , the movie revolves around . He is a son of a dead war hero and always dreams to follow his father’s footsteps. But everytime he tries to join the army, he often gets a 4f grade because of his physical condition.

Then, a German scientist named – which is played by – saw him as a potential hero. He picked up Steve Rogers to be the subject of his top secret experiment. The scientist aims to create a super soldier with the help of his super serum, which he’s been developing before he left Germany. The said serum transforms the weak Steve Rogers to a super soldier with superhuman abilities. This made him Captain America.

Americans see Captain America as their best weapon against Nazi’s super weapon which is being developed by a vicious German named Schmidt, played by . Schmidt, known as the Red Skull – the leader of the Nazi’s occult research arm called HYDRA – has been injected by the semi perfect super serum of Erskine.

As a whole, Captain America offers comic book action enough to satisfy old and new fans. However, the film lacks depth, appealing character interactions and sophisticated storytelling skills like Marvel Comics’ X-Men: First Class.

  • Dan O’Neill

    In the era of the tortured superhero in movies, it’s refreshing to come
    across one with enthusiasm and a pure spirit. Good Review! 

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