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China Surpasses US as the Largest PC Market

Written on August 24, 2011 by Lulu

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China outpointed US in PC market share this spring and takes the lead as the largest market.

A new research from revealed that managed to surpass the as the world’s largest . For all of 2011, hold on to the lead, but was able to push past them this spring. also claimed 22% of all PCs shipped at 18.5 million, while 21% (17.7 million) went to Americans. Due to this scenario, researchers predicted that will be getting 21.8% for all of 2012, where the US would slip tp 19.6%.

The catch-up in the said populous but poorer country may have resulted from their government plans. Its 12th Five Year Plan was encouraging very large companies at the center of China’s foundations to keep investing and spending during the time when the US was still struggling. China also works to improve their technology in poorer cities, where the US was much more saturated and has less room to grow.

China did face problems as it was confronting how to control inflation and minimize the ripple effect of problems from US. It was still enough of a sign that developing countries were getting enough momentum to outgrow nations where individuals were wealthier but had less need to buy in.

The shift is likely to heavily favor Chinesse companies like and , which are already established in the country and know how to appeal to an audience with a lower income and different needs. American firms that focuses on premium hardware may have an advantage, although is already making more money than Lenovo by a wide margin despite prices that mostly limit it to the upper middle class and above in China.

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