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China Telecom Dealing With Apple for an iPhone Deal

Written on August 05, 2011 by Lulu

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A Ticonderoga Securities analyst pointed out a clue stating that the China Telecom will be having a deal with Apple.

Brian White, an analyst from Ticonderoga Securities, stated a possible hint that will be having a deal with for their . Indicating a news post from Sohu, he mentioned that the said carrier had reached a preliminary agreement to carry two different edition of by late October. The designs includes the genuine as well as the cheaper iPhone 4 version to compete low-end .

Brian White also said that the second largest carrier in China, the China Telecom, would be a major target for Apple. The basic iPhone 4 would be enough to reach a much wider audience. China Telecom has a total of 108.4 million subscribers. However, only few subscribers could afford an iPhone but might be within reach.

Meanwhile, Sohu’s claim hasn’t been independently confirmed, but it was backed up by some rumors with a similar information that includes a late October release. The said lower cost design is predicted to be a largely straightforward version of the iPhone 4 where plastic replaces the more costly glass.

Apple is also reported to be in negotiation with China Telecom, and is also convincing which is likely to be their ticket to major improvements in the market share.

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