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Devil May Cry’s New Dante, More of a Street Brawler

Written on August 23, 2011 by Lulu

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Ninja Theory creative director, Tameem Antoniades, talks about the new DmC's Dante and his background.

During the , creative director – – talked about , the new , and some interesting facts about how the game is both similar and different from its predecessors.

On the previous week, it was reported that DmC’s Dante is half demon and half angel. But there is still more to his background than that. The new Dante appears to be much more like a street brawler.

Tameem Antoniades said “Growing up in a situation where the demons are out to kill him; society in general, controlled by the demons, is out to crush him; growing up on the streets… So, he’s more of a street brawler,” as he talks about the new Dante’s background. “His moves are less refined than you would have seen in previous DMCs.”

Talking about the combat, the new Dante also spends more time in the air than its predecessors, as DmC tries to expand further on their aerial combos. It also have dynamic music that changes when you fight.

“The music responds to your ranking system,” Antoniades revealed, “so the better you play, the more layers of music kick in, and if you get to the top ranks, then the screaming vocals kick in and it kind of affects you when you play, because you know you’re doing well.”

DmC has dynamic environments that distort as you play, shifting from the real world to the demon world or vice versa. There are also times where architecture will distort and block your way. Interestingly, this was the result of an attempt to retain an element from the original Devil May Cry games, which locked you in areas until you defeated all the enemies on that certain place.

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