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Facebook Releases New Feature, Shows Status Updates from 2009

Written on August 15, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Status updates that you have posted one to two years ago will now be displayed on your Facebook profile.

The world’s most popular social-networking site, , has been reported to kick off a which is capable of displaying your that have been posted one to two years ago. Placed in a small box at the right-hand column of the screen, the feature carries the titles “On This Day in 2010″ or “On This Day in 2009.” According to some users, the box happens to appear while browsing through one’s photo albums.

Users could also see more status updates by clicking the “Show More” button. However, Facebook is not able to display updates that are posted earlier than year 2009, since the site did not have a wide number of users in 2008 and 2007.

Based on a research about social sites’ status updates, the new feature has been rolled out for testing purposes in August 11. Users have started to notice it during the last twelve hours. Anyway, this is perhaps not the first time for Facebook to display past activities. In fact, the site has released a feature that is capable of showing up your previous photos.

Some rumors claimed that this move from Facebook has been a way to add fun into their services, but maybe the network just wanted to remind us that they have successfully been a part of our social lives and will continue to bestow more interactive tools to keep users satisfied.

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