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Facebook Releases Standalone Messenger App for Android and iPhone

Written on August 10, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Send text messages and photos in no time with the new mobile chat application from Facebook.

just rolled out its new application for Android and iPhone devices. With this , users can easily send text messages through the social-networking service.

Having few similarities like the , the Facebook is perhaps the first mobile app which the company released beyond its official Facebook applications. In fact, the said app is already available in the Android Marketplace and iOS App Stores.

As stated by , Beluga’s co-founder and Facebook engineer: “It’s a mobile app about real-time communication. All messages are sent and received in real time — no refreshing required.”

The Facebook Messenger is simple and easy to use. Through logging with your Facebook details, you will be navigated to a page wherein you can see all your recent Facebook chats and messages. You can then access your past conversations or just create a new one. Another good thing about this mobile app is you that can send messages through Facebook Messenger or SMS. This app also allows you to send photos to your friends, and name your message threads to keep them organized.

According to Facebook, one of the best features of the Messenger is its “alert system.” Through this, users can choose either to have alerts for new messages or not. They can as well schedule the alerts for an hour or even for a day. Take note that this feature can be used for both individual messaging threads and Facebook’s messages.

Although this mobile application mimicked most of the Messenger’s functionality, the company still believes that the Facebook Messenger is a must-try application, as it gives users a quick messaging experience within the social site’s platform.

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