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Futuristic Bicycle, Shifts Gears Using Brain Waves

Written on August 01, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Toyota, together with Parlee Cycles, built an aero-road bicycle that could be controlled just by using human's brain waves.

Isn’t it great to have a bicycle which you can control using your mind? Well, it’s a bit super natural, but a group of designers and innovators made this thing possible.

Subsidized by bike maker – – and as part of the , the is a high-end bike that features aerodynamic designs and a carbon-fiber construction. What’s more interesting in this masterpiece is that its gears can be controlled and shifted just by using the cyclist’s brain waves.

Before you can take advantage of its mind-reading specs, you need to train the bike how to read your mind first. The Prius X Parlee comes with a “thought sensitive” helmet, which is capable of transmitting your brain waves into the bike’s brain-controlled electronic “neurotransmission.” In order for the bike to adapt into your brain, you must conduct series of practice using a specially-designed iPhone app – which moves a cube on its screen – until the neural technology carries the waves with the neurotransmission. Once done, you need to think in that way so the bicycle’s gears would shift naturally.

The Prius X Parlee is such a brilliant creation. Nevertheless, let’s just hope that this bicycle could be retailed in a very reasonable price.

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