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Google Plus, to Roll Out an Easier Way of Inviting Friends

Written on August 08, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Google+ is opening its door a bit wider by offering an easier way of sending friend invites.

+ will be kicking off another great feature that will surely boost up their services. Now, aside from inviting friends through emails, you can also encourage other users to join in the ’s social network just by sharing a link. The company will be having a limit on this feature though. Users will only be able to send to 150 friends.

This announcement was recently delivered by Google+ engineer, , who also wrote in a post: “Since we’re still in field trial, we’re limiting sign-ups from these links to 150 per person for now” (See the video after the break).

Although the search engine giant was not publicizing the Google+ yet, this feature would probably improve one’s experience while using the service. Perhaps this would also add up to the success that they have gained since their first five weeks –wherein they garnered over 25 million users in no time. In fact, a study foretells that this social network could outrun the number of users whom the and had.

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