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Google, to Hire Florian Rohrweck for Google+

Written on August 31, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Florian Rohrweck, the famous snoop of Google+, is going to be a developer advocate for the search engine giant's social network.

After a series discovering and revealing a lot of + by simply digging the source code, will hire Australian blogger and developer — .

Though it is not clear yet on what the Google+ ’s duties would be, it is believed that he will secure the code and Web apps from leaks, he will possibly become a developer advocate as well. But take note that the ink isn’t dry yet, so that means that Florian Rohrweck is about to be hired — not hired yet.

That said, people can assume Florian Rohrweck’s sneaky and detailed snoops on the future of Google+ will no longer be available for the public to see. A smart move by Google.

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