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How to Choose the Right Career

Written on August 17, 2011 by Lulu

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Looking for a job but don't know which one suits you? All We Like is here to help.

As a college student that will soon to find his first job, choosing the type of working field is very important. However, choosing the right career for you involves a lot of things. This includes your interests, skills, work ethics and values, and personality. Nevertheless, there are some steps that you can do in choosing your career.

All We Like listed several that will greatly help you decide what career fits you best.

1. Try to find out what career fits you well by asking yourself these questions.
– What things and hobbies hold my interests?
– What do I do well?
– What is my personality?
– What’s really important to me?
– What are my behaviour, values and ethics?

2. Take any career-related tests from a college’s career center, or you could also take the said exam through Internet. There are several site in the web that offers an online . Take this exam and you might figure out what career suits you best.

3. Meet a career development professional. They can help you know what career fits you by using various tools that will evaluate your interest, personality, skills and values.

4. Learn about several career options. A student must take the first move to explore and learn the corporate world as it actually exists. Take a look on some public libraries if they have books that have definitions and descriptions about different kinds job, the common qualifications of a certain occupation, and the range of salaries for various work positions.

5. Try to talk to several people with different types of jobs to gather and learn more information about their work fields.

6. If possible, take a part time-job while studying so you could really see and figure out what does the work world looks like by experience.

Now that you have an idea on find the right career for you, are you ready to take that big leap?


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