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How to Get Promoted

Written on August 08, 2011 by Lulu

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Want to get promoted but you don't know how to ask your superior? Then get noticed!

You, as an employee, sure is not planning to stay at the bottom position in the company. Every employee wants to be promoted, and several people thinks that getting promoted is just a matter of working harder and hoping that it will be recognized when the time comes. However, getting promoted requires an effort of making behavioral adjustments that will get you and your work noticed by executives until you will be considered for a .

This means that getting promoted needs a plan. Here are some that will be useful for you to get your dream promotion.

1. Do your job and do it well while you’re still there.

2. Pay attention to people who were promoted recently, and observe their skills, experiences and attitudes.

3. Be enthusiastic on your job. Let others see you as someone who is dedicated and committed.

4. Don’t run away from any added responsibility that will be given to you.

5. Do more works than your company expects from you.

6. Stand out among the rest. Make some effort to be known in your company through correct reasons. No one gets promoted if they are not seen in the right place doing the right thing.

7. Put pride, passion and belief in your work then back it up with skills, direction and action. Employees that are promoted are those who have a sense of pride in their work and desire to do their best for a great outcome. To do this, an employee must have the necessary skills and knowledge to do a superb job. It also requires a direction to guide the energy generated from passion. Then make an action to turn all your plans to reality.

8. Look at the challenges you face in your work as opportunities. Most of executives give their employee a more challenging assignment every time a job is well done. This means that they have noticed your work, and might consider you for a promotion.

9. Don’t just focus on promotion itself. Focus more on the expectations, works and attitudes towards your job that will direct you to a promotion.

10. Don’t ask for a promotion, ask for more responsibility instead. Keep asking for more workloads to be considered as one of the candidate for a promotion.


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