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Hurricane Irene: “Follow me on Twitter!”

Written on August 29, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Hurricane Irene has co-opted New Yorker Irene Tien's Twitter account to provide helpful updates.

Do you want to be updated regarding the current news? Then it’s time for you to follow her on .

The moment Hurricane Irene began to move eastern, 28-year-old from New York decided to post punch lines for her co-workers. It even became more interesting when people have mistaken Ms. Tien for the hurricane. “I’m very, very calm and pretty relaxed and laid-back—pretty much the opposite of a hurricane,” she stated. “I guess that’s funny.”

This issue started when Ms. Tien posted her status on Twitter. She then noticed that there are other users who are replying to her message through typing an @ symbol before her name. Caramel_Dreams said, “Dear @irene can u like stop please?” Broadwayallday posted: “hey @irene can u make a hard right for us? there’s this triangle in Bermuda i think you’d love.” Ms. Tien answered back through a public post, saying: “Btw, tweeting @irene doesn’t deliver any messages to the hurricane. Sorry.”

Her co-workers find this thing hilarious, so they have borrowed Ms. Tien’s Twitter account in order to post funny yet helpful updates regarding the Hurricane Irene. Several days after, Irene’s colleagues received a message from the , asking if @irene could help them with their outreach project.

As of now, the reactions of the public were highly positive. They are even thanking @irene for helping citizens and for providing re-tweet messages from the Mayor’s Office Twitter account.

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