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Instagram Reaches 150 Millionth Photo, 7M Users

Written on August 05, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Instagram, the popular photo sharing application for iPhone, boasts 150 million photos uploaded by over 7 million users worldwide.

seems to hit the limelight at times, as the company recently announced that they’ve already reached 7 million registered users with over 150 million photos being uploaded.

This record was just achieved nine months after the application hit the market. According to sources, the 150 million photos could be broken down into 1.3 million photos uploaded per day or 15 photos posted per second. Instagram CEO and co-founder, , even affirmed: “The growth of photos being posted per day is tracking on an exponential curve. It’s the one curve we look at to measure the health of the service and the addiction of the product.”

Systrom also pointed out that this success pushed Instagram not only to become a popular application, but also a social networking platform wherein users could transmit messages using photos.

“We’re one of the fastest growing social networks in mobile — having remained in the top 25 free in the App Store for over a month now,” Systrom explains, “Where mobile come and go, Instagram has continued to see unprecedented growth in users and usage.”

Supposedly, the Instagram was only designed for iPhones. However, its API has entitled other third-party developers to use the application in other platforms. The said application is also on its way to hit the Androids, but the company hasn’t disclosed anything about the date of its launching.

(The image above was the posted by Instagram user @janefot)

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