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Intel, ASUS and ACER: Soon to Launch Super Laptops?

Written on August 24, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Albeit Intel, ASUS and ACER can roll out an Ultrabook of their own soon, MacBook Air has already stolen the spotlight from them.

In the coming days, laptops and netbooks will have to make way for a device that is thinner, lighter and packs more features than its chubbier rivals — the Ultrabook or ultra-portable laptop.

Ever since released its last April, many consumers were swayed by its sleek looks and audio-visual charms. Hence, the world’s largest chip maker – – has set up a $300 million Capital Ultrabook Fund to support technology that will boost the introduction of ultra-portable laptops.

Taiwan’s is likely to be the first to launch in India with its . The said device will hit the country during the first quarter of 2012 with an estimated price of Rs 50,000. also plans to roll out an Ultrabook soon after.

However, it could be possible that by the time Ultrabook hits the market, much of its thunder would have already been stolen. Although it is not categorized as one, Apple’s is the first Ultrabook that is already in the market.

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