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Intercom: Improving Your Customer Communication and Relationships

Written on August 01, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Letting your online customers come and go without even knowing anything about them? Then Intercom can help you!

Online businesses can have thousands of daily customers navigating their website. But in most cases, owners tend to slip acknowledging them. That’s why a web app called aims to change that trend in the growing area of .

By simply dropping a line of JavaScript into their sites, business owners can pull in more social data about their registered site user. Intercom automatically pulls in customer’s social profile, location, and how long they’ve been active on the site. That way, owners can engage them with targeted messages. Moreover, Intercom enables business owners to track those customer relationships over time, giving them an idea on what ‘s their most valuable online interaction.

The Intercom web app is available in private beta, and you can test the application by signing up on their website.

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