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New in Gmail Labs: The Preview Pane

Written on August 05, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Gmail adds a new features on its Lab. Introducing: The Preview Pane!

If you are the type of user who relies on message snippets when choosing on what email to open first, then this might come in as a good news for you. Labs brings in the which enables users to preview messages in the inbox. This feature can look familiar to those who have used on a tablet device.

Users can enable the Preview Pane from the Labs Tab in Gmail Settings. Then a toggle button will appear on the top right corner of the message list. This button will enable users to switch between preview and list view.

The Preview Pane can also be moved below the message list for those who have more vertical space. This can be enabled through the drop down arrow next to the toggle button.

There is also a default 3-second ‘Mark as Read” delay in conversations after previewing it. However, this can be changed in Setting’s General Tab.

You can simply visit your Gmail Settings and disable the if you’d like the old layout.

Have you tried Gmail’s Preview Pane yet? What do you think about the service’s latest addition? Share your impressions at the comments.

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