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New iPhone App Donates Your “Snooze” to Non-Profit Organizations

Written on August 18, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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The new app for iPhone lets you donate money to a non-profit every time you hit your alarm clock's "snooze".

Have you ever imagined yourself donating money in charities and helping non-profit organizations just by oversleeping? Well, with a new iOS application for devices, you could make this thing possible.

Recently developed by , a company that supports mobile technology and charitable donations, the alarm clock allows you to give 25 cents of your money to non-profit networks every time you hit your clock’s “snooze” button. Your extra slumber could also be a huge help for the Business Center For New Americans, an organization that provides financial aid for refugees and immigrants in NY. Aside from that, hitting the “snooze” button also enables you to give enough school supplies for kids through , and might even support the nation’s artists through .

This app works very simple: You will be asked to set your desired charity program, and then the application will calculate how many times you pushed the “snooze” button. Take note that you will be given two choices every month.

You can download this new alarm clock application at the Apple Store for FREE.

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