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Nintendo 3DS, Facing a Technical Problem

Written on August 09, 2011 by Lulu

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Nintendo is currently facing a new problem with their 3DS console, as several users found a technical prawn on the device's controller.

is currently facing a new issue, as several users discovered a defect on its directional buttons. The pads of the console are beginning to warp, six months after the initial purchase, and its layers are starting to separate and greatly affects the user’s gaming experience.

But from a practical perspective, the said issue might be just a minor defect, since most Nintendo 3DS users typically use the analog stick for primary gameplay.

Currently, the said technical issue is not the only faced by Nintendo. Last week Nintendo’s CEO, , apologized to the early buyers of Nintendo 3DS after the company announced that its will be cut down to 32%. The product has been in the market for 6 months.

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