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Nintendo CEO Apologies to 3DS Early Buyer

Written on August 07, 2011 by Lulu

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Saturo Iwata, the CEO of Nintendo, released a letter of apology which addresses the early buyers of Nintendo 3DS.

, ’s CEO, sends the early buyers of Nintedo his letter of apology. This is due to the company’s plan to cut down the said handheld’s price. Satoru Iwata stated that Nintendo is all too keenly aware that the price reduction, which was announced six months ago after the said handheld was released, might have left early buyers feeling betrayed and critical of the decision.

He said that the price drop of the Nintendo 3DSwas an important move to increase the confidence of retailers and content creators. The said cutting down of price was made to help the 3DS gain popularity, acquire more software, and create the product cycle necessary for everyone to be satisfied with the system.

Nintendo 3DS ships in the market with $249 price tag, and it will drop down to $169 before next week ends. Meanwhile, Nintendo has not yet announced any refund program for early buyers of 3DS console. However, the company will enable the 830,000 customers – who paid full price – to download 20 free games after they sign-up for the Ambassador Program. The said promotion will also offer its participants to grab ten NES Virtual console games at no charge before the titles are released to the public.

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