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Old Version of Twitter To Be Eliminated This Week

Written on August 03, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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After nine months of introducing the new version to users, the Twitter company announced today that they will be eliminating the old version this week.

Several months ago, the company – – announced that they will be eliminating the of the micro-blogging website “very, very soon.” Now, the company has yet released another message stating that the has completely retired and urged users to utilize the of Twitter starting this week.

“If you’re currently using Old Twitter, we want to let you know that you’ll be upgraded to New Twitter this week,” the company affirmed in a tweet.

Ever since Twitter introduced the new version to users, they have been releasing messages, asking people to leave the old version and switch to the new one. Last June, the company made the announcement more urgent. They changed the color of the top bar into yellow as an alert for Tweeps, and even posted tweets stating: “You will automatically be upgraded to New Twitter very, very soon.”

Actually, this is quite too long for the social media company to make the switch permanent. They have launched the Twitter’s new version about a year ago and perhaps that time would be enough for them to introduce the latest interface to its users.

What do you feel about these changes made by Twitter? Is it right for them to create a new version of the site or the old version was already enough? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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