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Pegatron’s Plan to Be the Second iPhone 5 Supplier, Still on Track

Written on August 03, 2011 by Lulu

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Pegatron declared that they are still on track with their plan to be the second iPhone 5 Supplier.

’s plan to be the second company to supply 5 is still on track. The said firm’s order is now expected to be 10 million, instead of the earlier hinted 15 million. However, it will still release the said device in September.┬áThe information slightly contradicts the rumor that ’s new smartphone may not appear until October, since Pegatron would be shipping directly to and customers.

As the primary manufacturer of CDMA iPhones, Pegatron is widely known to the manufacturing base. However, it’s just a runner-up to that handles GSM iPhones. The revelations from which stated that is probably a dual-mode phone may turn Pegatron’s production into a compliment instead of a vital responsibility. This kind of strategy might prevent the chronic shortages and international delays to occur.

Irrespective of the iPhone plans, Pegatron is hoping to increase its responsibility to include the iPad and Macs. iPhone margins are said to be small and leave the company eager to diversify its contracts. Pegatron was ’ original manufacturing wing and still produces notebooks for and other companies until today. These includes 8 to 10 million planned for for next year.

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