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Review: Catherine for Xbox 360

Written on August 01, 2011 by Lulu

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The makers of Persona, Atlus, unleashes its new console game -- Catherine. What's the story behind this unknown girl?

is a new console game for that was created by Atlus — the same maker of the successful game series, Persona.

Released last July 26, 2011, Catherine revolves around the story of a man named that was on his early 30s. Vincent is spending almost everyday of his life working in the tech industry, while his nightlife is getting blasted with his friends in a local bar. He also had a long time girlfriend named Katherine, a nagging but caring woman. She urges Vincent to strengthen the bond between them, being engage and having their own family. However, Vincent is still unsure of what he wants to do.

But after a drunken night, an unknown girl named Catherine unexpectedly enters his world. Vincent woke up next to a naked Catherine, who – like him –  didn’t want to be tied up. The said incident is where the game starts. As Vincent thinks that he’s cheating on his long time girlfriend Katherine, weird chronic nightmares started plaguing him and threatening even his real life. These nightmares make up the core puzzle of Catherine.

Aside from its unique game plot, Catherine is also a great game. Combining difficult puzzles, several conversations to take, decisions to make and a morality system. Similar to Persona, Catherine’s gameplay is divided into weeks and days. Vincent have to pass through with these with the same way, surviving each nightmares that might kill him. These nightmares are the game’s hardcore puzzle. Every puzzle plays similar to the next, but more difficult than the previous one. By rearranging the sequence of the blocks on Vincent’s nightmares, the player is expected to work his way up to the top of every puzzle tower that he will encounter. There would also be special kind of boxes made out of ice, heavier blocks, blocks that explode and even more. There are even boss battles to deal with.

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After finishing a puzzle tower every night, Vincent will be back in the real world and enables player to explore the story once more.


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