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Rumor: Apple’s iPhone 5, Targeting for an October Launch

Written on August 02, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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AT&T has banned vacation requests for the last two weeks of September. Does this mean the iPhone 5 will be released by early October?

Rumors and hearsay were still buzzing around, claiming the exact date of the official launching of the successor. Well, perhaps the long wait has been over as a source close to the company unveiled a speculated month for the ’s debut. ’s much-awaited device seems to be targeting the Christmas shopping season with an October 2011 launch.

Recently, a credible source disclosed that workers of AT&T were prohibited to have a vacation for the last two weeks of September. Thus, with this fact in mind, the public assumed that “It must be the launch!” However, from , contradicts on this report and clearly affirmed that a source from Apple told him: “I don’t know why AT&T’s calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it’s not for an iPhone launch.”

October was believed to be the month of the next-generation iPhone’s launching, though there are no reports yet with regards to the exact date of the debut.

With this launching date being speculated, one can assume that rumors about the device’s design, processors, resolution and additional features will buzz around soon.

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