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Runescape on Game Consoles, in the Horizon?

Written on August 30, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Jagex CEO, Mark Gerhard, believes that free-to-play games like Runescape will make its appearance on gaming consoles in the future.

CEO, , recently talked about the possibility of their famous RPG – – to appear on video game consoles. Looking optimistic, the CEO hopes that the “Big 3″ console manufacturers – Microsoft, Sony and – will open their systems to accommodate games that rely on large community and payment schemes.

According to Mark Gerhard, there is a reason such free-to-play games like Runescape has not yet been accommodated by console manufacturers. That is because the companies are unwilling to enable their gamers to play with another user on a different hardware. Nevertheless, Nintendo confirmed in the past that their new console – the – will feature a more robust and developer-friendly online system.

With Runescape still growing and becoming popular, and cross-hardware interactions are being seen on number of PC and PS3 games, a free-to-play game in a console might come to reality in just a matter of time.

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