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Shifting into Three Different Forms, Dante’s Style

Written on August 28, 2011 by Lulu

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Play Devil May Cry and shift Dante into various forms with varying weapons.

New , the latest ’s main protagonist, have three different forms with unique skills and weapon sets. The said forms are the , and .

While on his human form, Dante can wield the Rebellion and his guns when players press the right trigger. He will automatically transform into his demon from where he uses an axe. On the other hand, left trigger will reveal his angel form where he wields a scythe. Players will also obtain several new weapons inside the game to be used in each form. The D-pad is used for toggling between various weapons.

According to the game’s producer, , Devil May Cry will be like a game that’s running at 60fps even though it’s just going at at 30fps. The producer also added that there are ways to simulate the feel of 60fps through input and various methods of animation. That said, the game doesn’t feel slow.

, the game’s creative director said, “I know that there’s a lot of mistrust or apprehension about us at Ninja Theory doing this game but we are going to show the game and let it be played all along the way, so people will get that opportunity.”

He also added, “I’d like everyone to kind of be patient…it’s coming, you’re going to play it; you’re going to see it. You’re going to see what it’s about and we’re confident that it’s true to the spirit of what makes DMC great, and it’s true to our spirit at Ninja Theory of telling great, believable stories as well.”

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