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Sony Asks Fans for PlayStation Vita Peripherals

Written on August 16, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Sony is asking their fans on what PlayStation Vita peripheral would they like to see. Would a consensus bring a UMD converter in the market?

asks their fans on what PlayStation Vita would they like to see. It is obvious that the firm is using their time well, now that the will be rolling out in Japan this year, followed by US and Europe early next year. As of this writing, an external UMD drive is taking the lead.

Feedback are collected at the Japanese PlayStation Vita Community Site. And though it is written in Japanese characters, browsing through the pages will tell you that a is a top request. Other peripherals mentioned were cradle with HDMI out, full keyboard attachment, and secondary battery.

It is not surprising that a UMD converter comes on top of the wish list, since there are still UMD-only PSP titles like Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Hopefully, this move from Sony could be an indication that a peripheral as such would be considered.

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