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Start Your Google + Hangout with YouTube

Written on August 19, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Start your Google+ Hangout with friends by watching a video on YouTube.

Hangouts is one of the niftiest features of +. Aside from being a free service, it also supports ten simultaneous users, and negates the awkwardness in coordinating video call. Simply put, any of your friends can hop in and out of the any time — provided that you shared it with them. In addition to this, you can also play a video for all of your friends at the same time.

That said, YouTube rolled out a new option to make it easier for users to jump into one of Hangouts’ video sharing session. Users can now start a Hangout, straight from a YouTube video’s ‘Watch’ page. By simply clicking the option, a window will pop up and prompt a user to choose which Google+ Circles he’d like to share the Hangout and video with.

With Google saying that the Hangouts application is a platform built for enjoying shared experiences with friends, it seems that the Hangouts from YouTube is just the beginning. Users will probably be able to Hangout while playing games, showing off photo galleries, or even when watching live-streamed shows.

But don’t forget, your friends must be in Google+ too and logging in on a regular basis.

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