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“Stumble” Button Hits 25 Billion Clicks

Written on August 11, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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StumbleUpon's famous "Stumble!" button has reached more than 25 billion clicks.

, a social discovery website, has indeed reached another achievement. Just now, the “” button has been clicked by users for over 25 billion times. According to a tweet posted by StumbleUpon Community Manager, : “Today we celebrate 25,000,000,000 clicks of the ! button.”

Ever since the company emerged from eBay last 2009, they have successfully produced satisfied members. In fact, through recommending the best websites and offering a good service, StumbleUpon had reached more than 12 million users.

Last month, the social site hits 27.5 million stumbles in just one day, and even outruns its mobile usage record with the Super Bowl 2010’s stumbles. Starting April, the company had reached over one billion stumbles every month.

Even though StumbleUpon could not outrun the popularity of other social sites, such as , , or +, they still believe that their services are good enough to produce billions of loyal members. The company, in fact, will be celebrating its 10th birthday on November.

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