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Twitter Introduces Photo Upload Service to Developers

Written on August 17, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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With Twitter's new photo upload service, third-party clients and other apps can now upload pictures directly to the site -- like presently does.

has just released a new , which allows users to attach images directly to the site and utilize ’s photo-sharing and uploading features from their . According to the company, they have already introduced the photo upload functionality to .

Last Monday, Twitter kicked off its new , allowing developers to upload images with PNG, JPG, and GIF formats into tweets. The said feature was launched just before Apple’s Twitter-infused iOS 5 update; and perhaps the purpose of this action was to drive the app makers and users into the new photo-sharing option.

As written by Jason Costa, Developer Relations Manager, on Twitter’s blog: “Photos are a fundamental way that people share context, information, jokes, and personal moments on Twitter. Following last week’s wider release of photos to users, we’re ready to share our media upload API.” Costa also added that Twitter is aiming to equip its mobile applications with photo upload support.

Powered by Photobucket, the micro-blogging site’s photo-sharing and uploading service was rolled out to all Twitter users last week. According to some reports, this new option is intended to compete with the site’s photo-sharing , including Twitgoo, Lockerz, TwitPic and yFrog.

Meanwhile, for those developers who wanted to take advantage of Twitter’s photo upload, you must agree with the display guidelines and rate limits of the service.

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