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Twitter Silently Launches a New Reply Feature

Written on August 13, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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With Twitter's new subtle feature, you can now post instant public reply to any profile pages which you visit today.

quietly kicked off a new subtle feature, allowing you to post a public reply to any profile pages that you’ve visited. According to the company, this move was an attempt to enhance the interface of its web application and also to support such social interactions.

Although Twitter just released their new yesterday, the social site decided not to introduce this to the public. The reasons behind that remain undisclosed, but some rumors claimed that maybe the company did not want to interfere with the social gaming battle that’s currently arising between Google+ and Facebook. So far, Twitter’s only public statement regarding the feature was affirmed when Twitter CEO, , tweeted back to user Jeevan Gill (@jsammy17) and said the feature was new as of today.

Knowing that the user interface has been revamped, locations of the activity streams, photo uploaders and media galleries have also been changed. The new reply feature allows you to send Direct Messages to other Twitter users when you have visited their profile pages, and you are also entitled to start a conversation with a follower or non-follower.

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