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Twtrland: Telling You Who to Follow

Written on August 12, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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To follow or not to follow? Twtrland will help you answer that burning question.

If you can’t decide on who to follow on , then this new service – – is for you! converts Twitter streams into detailed profiles, making it easier for you to decide on who to follow. Just plug in the Twitter handle you want to analyze, and will build a profile for you.

The Twtrland profile information like how often is the tweet retweeted, his or her number of per day, a breakdown of tweet contents, most-retweeted , top followers, and sampling of .

According to its official website, they help users in “Deciding if someone is follow-worthy. These are not your real life friends, but people that are supposed to interest you. Hard to decide based on last 10-15 tweets, avatar and description. We go deep in his history, and sum it all up to the simplest profile we could think of to help you decide in a glimpse. To follow or not to follow.”

Although the service is not the most visually stunning at present, and not yet fully operational, Twtrland is still a neat way to lay out and analyze a user’s info.

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