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Viral Videos of the Week: August 1- August 5

Written on August 07, 2011 by Lulu

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All We Like listed more viral videos that spread like fire last week. So check it out and share it with your friends.

All We Like, once again, gathered several cool videos to add on its weekly list of Viral Videos. This week’s list consists of a┬ávideo of a dog that uses a raft to get her ball out of the swimming pool, how to deal with people who uses their phone in a movie house, a face on the clouds, a funny crazy cartoon video of how evolve, and a conversation between two puppets – namely – talking about the evolution of the .

A video of a dog that was featured in Ellen Degeneres Show posted in 2007. This video shows a very smart dog that uses a pool raft to get the ball that was thrown by his owner.

A video that shows a father dealing with a man too rude enough to talk on the phone while he is in a cinema house. The father approaches the said main in a collective manner then he pulls out his caliber .22 and shoot the guy’s head. His daughter thanked him for doing that and offers him some popcorns. So remember: Have good manners inside the cinema and silence your cellphone.

A scary face that was formed in the clouds was caught by a camera in Canada. See the face at 1:20.

A crazy and funny cartoon that tackles how apes or neanderthals evolved and rule the earth through a magic mushrooms.

A video that features two puppets – namely Fafa and Mario – who are having an intellectual discussions on figuring out the meaning of being a hipster and where it came from. It is consisted of a complex history filled with cavemen, Socrates, beatnik, hippies, yuppies and ultimately hipster.


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