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Viral Videos of the Week: August 14 – August 19

Written on August 21, 2011 by Lulu

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Get yourself entertained at this week's list of viral videos from All We Like.

All We Like’s tradition continuous as another week ends. This site gathered cool, entertaining and funny videos to add on your list of once again. This week’s will include a a hedgehog’s bath, a rap battle between and Shakespeare, an animated parody of and its supposed end, a singing, and a young Belieber fan freaking out as her idol’s concerts ticket sold out.

A video of a man giving his pet hedgehog a bath in a bathroom sink. The man uses a toothbrush to hypnotically clean the body of his adorable pet, and then he gives his pet Eskimo kisses.

This video features two of the world’s most famous author: Dr. Seuss and . The two author battles it out in an “” to finally decide who’s the greater between the two of them.

An animated video from , telling how Harry Potter should have ended. The said animation shows how the Time Turner could save many lives in the movie.

A music video of the song “Gimme All You Loving” by Whisky Shivers, the artist appears to be a very long human centipede that plays a violin, bass, banjo, and more all at once.

Bieber fever is still spreading, as a young Mexican girl broke down and started crying when her idol’s concert tickets in the city of Monterrey sold out.


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